Channeling Hendrix

Stevie Ray Vaughan at the 1984 Lorelei Festival in St. Goarshausen Germany, channeling Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” & “Third Stone from the Sun”:

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White

Funny room colors scene from Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948):

Epiphany/Theophany Chant

Today is a really big day for our Orthodox friends. For them it is a feast day, sometimes called Theophany, to celebrate the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. The western Christians celebrate the arrival of the three kings to Bethlehem. But anyway you slice it, it is a day of love, birth, and rebirth. May it be a special one for all of you.

Short Story Advice – Kurt Vonnegut

I rang out the old year with a tightly-written short story music video, so I’m ringing the new one in with good advice from one of the master short story writers of all time: