If You Don’t Know Tower Grove Park, You Don’t Know St. Louis

This was the core of my world for nearly a decade. Beautiful St. Louis. One of the most floral of cities. Tower Grove Park alone contains 7,500 trees, of over 325 varieties, as well as innumerable plants and flowers in an elongated rectangle that ripples on in waves for two miles. The legend is that Henry Shaw imported every single species of tree and flower that could grow in St. Louis’ deciduous soil and planted them in the 289 acres of Tower Grove Park and on his estate, the now world-famous Missouri Botanical Garden. I miss living a mere four blocks from all of this beauty. I miss it so much.

With the Nash Family in Obamaland

I know these first couple of posts on my new, new blog are kinda Obama heavy, but I really wanted to post these pictures from some of my best friends, Jerry, Kathy, Henry, & Milo. Going to ‘da Lou’ tomorrow for Aaron Yaris’ going away party. Excited! Not that Aaron, Rene, & Irie are going to Cali or Ali(bama), but excited to being seeing them and all of their friends. Pictures of that blowout to follow.

How Could I Miss This Fierce Urgency of Now???

Screw Blogger.com, I’m on Word Press laying it down. I needed a record of this and my feelings. Your feelings. Our feelings. We’re on the verge of something here. Could we really have a “Gen X” president? Could we really have a multi-racial, multi-cultural, Midwest president in my lifetime? A professor-type?

The Nominee

A Revolution of the Mild Mannered and Strong as Rebecca might say (strong part being mine). Life is worth living every day, minute, smile. We’ll see what all of this something is.