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Myron Echoes Love Home

Thinking of the Ohio homeland on this Thanksgiving Eve. Which brings to mind one of Ohio’s finest bands, Guided By Voices. Here’s Echos Myron from the wonderful Bee Thousand Album:

“Echos Myron”

Tower to the skies
An academy of lies
And what goes up
Surely must come down
And we felt the mighty blow-up
With the walls coming down
Or something like that

Most of us are quite pleased
With the same old song
And all of a sudden I’m relatively sane
With everything to lose and nothing to gain
Or something like that

Men of wisdom and men of compromise
Men of weak flesh in an armored disguise
All fall down

“If it’s right you can tell,” echos Myron like a siren
With endurance like a liberty bell
And he tells you of the dreamers
But he’s cracked up like the road
And he’d like to lift us up, but we’re a very heavy load

And we’re finally here and shit yeah it’s cool
And shouldn’t it be? – or something like that

A Song for You

Leon Russell, Willie Nelson, and Ray Charles, but the song really gets goin’ when Ray hits the mic.

Visions of Purdue

Trying out my new camera up at campus:

The omnipresent Bell Tower in the middle of a floral arrangement.

University Hall: The oldest building on campus circa 1871.
Where the history gets done.

Purdue is filled with fountains

This is the fountain that everybody used to run through for the “Naked Olympics”
Now disbanded, but we hear that these were wild events.

The “Flower” setting on the camera appears to be pretty sharp.