It was a big weekend of celebration around here in the Greater Lafayette area as my Master’s career has come to fruition.


My new little nephew, Jayden, came by on his first road trip. Only 20 some odd days old and already on the road. This kid is going places, even if it all makes him a little sleepy.

MA Graduation 009

One of the funnest this things I did this weekend was get a chance to cook and clean with my mom.

MA Graduation 002

And I got to hang out with my lil’ sis, Nikki, who seems to be a natural born mommy.

MA Graduation 016

Here’s my mom’s significant other Tom hanging out on my porch reading the paper.

MA Graduation 007

I got to be a wizard with the ribs that they brought along.


Damn tasty if I say so myself.


A feast fit for a king, queen, and a baby prince on Similac.




That little stick figure under the big screen on the right is me in the first moments of official MA-hood.


MA Graduation 026

A bunch of familial love and peace. The way it should be.

MA Graduation 004

Cinco de Mayo is on Tuesday!


Here’s Ween with “Buenos Tardes Amigo,” possibly the most insane song of jealousy, murder, and revenge ever written (lyrics here). It gets really good at about 3:51 in when the smoke gets flowing and Dean revs up his tight guitar break. Enjoy.

And this is just freakin’ hilarious. Here are two German guys who call themselves Fischblende drunkenly covering the same song.

It was 20 years ago today…

Tiananmen Square


Well, actually, May 4, 1989 was a major day of escalation in the Tiananmen Square protests. On that day 100,000 people gathered seeking greater press freedoms and a direct open dialogue with the communist government.


Contrary to popular belief, the protests were not about bringing down the government. Although often unfocused in their message, most of the student groups and others sought greater openness from the existing government and an implementation within that government of the democratic principles inherent in Marxist theory.

Little did they know that they were kicking off a process that would bring tanks down upon them on June 4th and inspire the people of Eastern Europe to throw off the governments imposed on them at the end of WWII.

I plan on chronicling the time points of that history—many of which make up my earliest civic-minded memories—in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned.

Execution by Yue Minjun (1995)

Execution by Yue Minjun (1995)

A Song for You

Leon Russell, Willie Nelson, and Ray Charles, but the song really gets goin’ when Ray hits the mic.

One More Cup of Coffee

The White Stripes making Dylan their own:

Race for the Prize

I wish all of you were with me right here and now. The trees in my backyard are being visited by flocks of birds—hundreds of dark squawking birds, moving in through the dusky sky, landing in my trees, and resting a bit. They’re so quiet until one calls out an “awk-awk-awk” and they rustle themselves up, shaking a buckeye rain loose as they fly away in swooping patterns.

Awestruck wonder! Very similar to one of the most joyous moments of my life: being drowned in confetti as this beautiful song raged on all around me. On three separate occasions.

Instinct, drive, and the “Race for the Prize” by The Flaming Lips:

Big Fish Party

Here are the pictures from Aaron & Rene’s Big Fish Party (not their official moniker, but it fits here). What a wonderful time had by all. Everyone was soooo happy! And the tea was good too…I’m gonna miss having them so close, but Cali is in for a great treat..Buenos tardes amigo, hola, my good friend…at least until then…

With the Nash Family in Obamaland

I know these first couple of posts on my new, new blog are kinda Obama heavy, but I really wanted to post these pictures from some of my best friends, Jerry, Kathy, Henry, & Milo. Going to ‘da Lou’ tomorrow for Aaron Yaris’ going away party. Excited! Not that Aaron, Rene, & Irie are going to Cali or Ali(bama), but excited to being seeing them and all of their friends. Pictures of that blowout to follow.