Midnight Porch


Red Monarch

Xmas Tree

Record Store Day

Fernando in Red

Sights of 2009

Pondering Lake Michigan

Chicago with Speedboat

Big Sur Hills

Big Sur Inclined

Boston is Burning

Cal, Cal, Cow-ly Coast

The Autumn Lights of Lafayette

Santa Cruz Morning

Ponder Rosa

Ground Zero Progressions – NYC

Doin’ the CT-15 Blur

Golden Gate Golden State

Pacific Contemplation

Pacific Crash

The Holland Tunnel Express

Whoop, Whoop

Burning Blur Outside of Boston

Strange Fruit

Flips and Redwood Chips

Nahant Mass

Niece and Nephew

We Are All Made of Stars

Indiana Marsh-ians

Nor Cal Gull

I wish I was…

…Ocean Size

Sunset on My Back Yard

The Autumn Revolution

Some pictures from our 1989 Revolutions Colloquium promotion

The Revolutionary’s Workshop

Solidarność w/Yasir

Yasir disguised as a Budapešt Jew circa 1932

The colloquium organizer and great mentor Dr. Rebekah Klein-Pejšová

Our new friend Jay, one of Dr. RKP’s students

No short-haired, yellow-bellied…


Vojvodina. The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Аутономна Покрајина Војводина, Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina.


From a seminar discussion:

Ingrao: Do you know that there is a Serbian Ministry for Minorities or some such thing?

Snively: Yeah, but they need to change their website because the links are down. I was hoping to get something from them that wasn’t on the internet.

Ingrao: Ah, well, I know somebody who works there. Vesa Ivanović. I’ll give you her email. Wait, she’s on the [Scholar’s Initiative] project. You already have her email address.

Thought balloon over Snively’s head: “Sweet.”

Sixth and NY


The radio station I’m flowing to as I scoot across town. It fits well with the liminal.



I’m particularly fond of these broadcasts:

It Was 20 Years Ago Today…

…that Paul’s Boutique was released on Capitol Records…

“Ah, yeah..ah, ah, yeah. There’s a girl over there…Ah, yeah..ah, ah, yea…With long brown hair…Ah, yeah…”

That’s right. So why don’t y’all just…?

And it breaks my har-har-har-har-heart……

Regina Spektor, “Fidelity”:

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