In a little while…

A sauntering Frank Black song that fits the moment:

Blue Flowers/Substance D/Faust Arp

Just watched A Scanner Darkly which I didn’t care much for, but it had its moments. Afterward I think I found the place that one goes when on Substance D:

Or perhaps in more pleasant moments on a hilltop with a guitar and an amp:

Passive Manipulation

Some solid post-International Women’s Day advice from Meg White of the White Stripes:

Women, listen to your mothers
Don’t just succumb to the wishes of your brothers
Take a step back, take a look at one another
You need to know the difference…
Between a father and a lover (repeat twice)

DJ Begga Rocks My World!

I have no idea who DJ Begga is, or where he comes from. The language in the video appears to be Korean, but I can’t be sure. All I know is that last night I was listening to this playlist of Turkmenistani pop songs on Youtube when DJ Begga came on and changed my life. Thank you DJ Begga! You’ve reminded me of what it means to be free. The world’s laid out in front of me and I’m ready to jump in it. I am reborn in your spirit!:

Since you haven’t seen me in awhile…

Ween at their Pink Floydesque best. “Did You See Me?”

Frustrating Mess 视频 – 优酷视频 – 在线观看

For when you know what you want, but just don’t know how to go about getting it:

Channeling Hendrix

Stevie Ray Vaughan at the 1984 Lorelei Festival in St. Goarshausen Germany, channeling Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” & “Third Stone from the Sun”:

“O Valencia” – The Decemberists

Plain awesome. Closing out December with the nine minute director’s cut of what amounts to a mini-movie for the song “O Valencia.”

Eartha Kitt, R.I.P (1927-2008)

Eartha Kitt died. On Christmas. Wow, I never thought that day would come. I thought she was immortal. Here she is in 2006 singing “Santa Baby” just weeks before her 80th birthday. Amazing. She’s such an inspiration to take care of oneself and to never get jaded about the beauty and wonderment of life. Heaven just got a little bit brighter:

Making Music with Yr Feet

Man, I so want one of these. This here is a Moog Taurus bass pedal, a foot-operated analog synthesizer that was manufactured between 1976-1981.

It’s made, of course, for people whose hands are busy with other instruments, so if someone also wants to get me a Minimoog it or some such thing for Christmas, I could rock it like this:

Or even better yet, perhaps an autoharp? Here’s PJ Harvey playing both the Taurus and some sort of antique rose-painted autoharp. From 2007’s White Chalk, the beautiful “Grow Grow Grow”

Heck, while we’re dreaming, throw in a lap steel guitar so I can rock it like Robert Randolph and the Family Band. “Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That!”:

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