It was a big weekend of celebration around here in the Greater Lafayette area as my Master’s career has come to fruition.


My new little nephew, Jayden, came by on his first road trip. Only 20 some odd days old and already on the road. This kid is going places, even if it all makes him a little sleepy.

MA Graduation 009

One of the funnest this things I did this weekend was get a chance to cook and clean with my mom.

MA Graduation 002

And I got to hang out with my lil’ sis, Nikki, who seems to be a natural born mommy.

MA Graduation 016

Here’s my mom’s significant other Tom hanging out on my porch reading the paper.

MA Graduation 007

I got to be a wizard with the ribs that they brought along.


Damn tasty if I say so myself.


A feast fit for a king, queen, and a baby prince on Similac.




That little stick figure under the big screen on the right is me in the first moments of official MA-hood.


MA Graduation 026

A bunch of familial love and peace. The way it should be.

MA Graduation 004

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