Germany vs. USA: Adventskalender

Here’s a Christmas-themed episode of one of my favorite webcasts, “Germany vs. USA.” These two guys, Jim from Mississippi and Alex from Germany, regularly put together 4-5 minute videos comparing the cultural and linguistic differences between Germany and the USA. Enjoy:

From the show’s homepage:

What happens when you take a good’ole, Bible-belt, Mississippi conservative and an urbane, plurilingual, liberal, Euro-German and put them in the middle of San Francisco?

Germany vs. USA (GvU) explores the contrasts and joys of two unlikely friends, Jim and Alex, as they learn more about each other’s cutlures, languages, and the greater friendship between Europe and America. Insightful, whimsical, educational and always genuine (not to mention unscripted) the show aims to bring a slice-of-life perspective to viewers around the world.

Bulgarian Car Crashes

Wow, remind me to bring a helmet whenever I make it to Sophia:

“I Fought the Law, and the…”

A big F.U. to all those lawyers out there makin’ money off of the medical bills of the poor:

Much-a Mucha

Dedication to the works of Alphonse Maria Mucha (1860-1939):


Snow Queen and Child:

The next few paintings are from his Magnum Opus “The Slav Epic.” You can find more information on the series, as well as the entire gallery of the Slav Epic, by clicking here

“Slavs in their Original Homeland: Between the Turanian Whip and the Sword of the Goths” – 1912

“The Introduction of the Slavonic Liturgy: Praise the Lord in Your Native Tongue” – 1912

“The Abolition of Serfdom in Russia: Work in Freedom is the Foundation of a State” – 1914

“Apotheosis of the Slavs: Slavs for Humanity” – 1926

Mucha, the man himself.

Hummer, because it’s cool.

Those crazy Norwegians:

Secret of the Sea

Wilco and Billy Bragg doing Woody Guthrie from Mermaid Avenue.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Secret of the Sea“, posted with vodpod

Rudie Can’t Fail

My end of the semester theme song:

Sing, Michael, sing
On the route of the 19 Bus!

We hear them… sayin’
How you get a rude and a-reckless?
Don’t you be so crude and a feckless
You been drinking brew for breakfast
Rudie can’t fail, no, nooo

We reply
I know that my life make you nervous
But I tell you that I can’t live in service
Like the doctor who was born for a purpose***
Rudie can’t fail

Okay, I went to the market to realise my soul
Cos what I need I just don’t have, oh no
First they cursed then they pressed me ‘till I hurt
They say Rudie can’t fail

Woah, first you must cure your temper
Then you find a job in a paper
You need someone for a saviour
Rudie can’t fail, oh no

We reply
Now we get a rude and a reckless
We been seen lookin’ cool an’ a speckless
We been drinking brew for breakfast
Rudie can’t fail oh, no, no

I went to the market to realise my soul
Cos what I need I just don’t have – ah!
First they cursed then they pressed me ‘till I hurt
Rudie can’t fail

Okay! okay
So where you wanna go today?
Hey boss man! Hup-yeah
You’re looking pretty smart
In your chicken skin suit
With your chicken skin too!

You think you’re pretty hot
In the pork pie hard
In your pork pie hat
Look out, look out…
Sky juice is a topper brew!
But…Rudie can’t fail

Oh yeah
Rudie can’t fail
Yeah, yeah
Rudie can’t fail
Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back
Yeah, Rudie can’t fail
Yeah Rudie can’t fail
Rudie can’t fail

Rudie can’t fail
Rudie can’t fail
Rudie can’t fail
Rudie can’t fail
Rudie can’t fail
Sippin’ on juice!…Only!

Dubrovnik je vrlo lijep!

Since this weekend I will be buried in Croatian Renaissance literature, I give you this pretty little tourist video of splendid Dubrovnik:

Two New White Lions at the Belgrade Zoo


Dead Grotty

My favorite clip from A Hard Day’s Night (aside: Boy, do I know about these lately!). Here’s George Harrison in full proto-punk rock mode:

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