Hope for a Peaceful 2009

I thought of these two songs last night for the first time in a long time. I found them again because I was thinking about how the world has been really crazy lately with wars, genocide in Congo and elsewhere, murderous rampages, shopping addicts who trample people to death, general financial meltdowns, and greedy bastards who cheat and steal from honorable institutions like the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity (for humanity, for Christ’s sake!). But in spite of all of this I feel that we need to just hold on the best we can. Hold on to hope.

Be nice to one another, change the things that you can for the better, and keep faith. I know, worn-out clichés that might not comfort because it’s all getting so heavy. But let’s just hold on to hope as long as we can. And let’s hope that the amalgamation of hope, faith, and love can be a foundation that anchors our lives and guides us to perform actions that will make this world a better place, a better place in peace.

“Waitin’ for Superman” – The Flaming Lips

“Hold On Hope” – Guided by Voices

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