Shudders of 1848 Always Quaking Through

Of course, they ripple back and forth.

I mean, c’mon, 1848 was no 1789.

Ah…1789, what a twist!

But it’s not the only one. Lately I’ve been looking into how the European Revolutions of 1848 are relevant as a dialectical pivot in European social, political, and cultural critique.

In honor of a weekend spent with my head in that captivating year, I dedicate this Sunday morning’s videos to the nation that started the marde rolling: beloved France!

Sometimes the insanity of the world around you boils over into everything you see. Daft Punk with “Technologic”:

In our annoyingly monikered “Golbalized World,” political and social critiques necessarily cut across cultures. Rule of thumb: have respect for me when I critique your ways and I’ll promise the same in return. We should be able to learn a lot by sifting through the inconsistencies in each other’s analysis.

MC Solaar with “Le Nouveau Western”:

It’s especially intriguing when the tough ribbing is accompanied by a visible—or slightly below the surface—fascination of and love for the “other.” The previous clip exemplifies that feeling as much as this next one.

Yesterday I also experienced a “Belleville Rendez-vous” Mine was in Illinois, but ah, as I said, the shudders!:

And it’s nice when we can sculpt that love into something wholly new:

Ah, le pastiche!

Here’s Cassius letting “1999” ripple:

Dimtri From Paris with:

“Une very stylish fille”:

and “Sacré Français”:

Finishing up with transcontinental trust vis-à-vis Air.

Some sort of ingenious mash-up of Japanese TV series smash Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon )(美少女戦士セーラームーンand Air’s “Clouds Up”:

Air with Sofia Coppala on visuals. From The Virgin Suicides. “Playground Love”:


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